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We have over 7 years of combined medical experience in proving durable medical supplies to the ARABIAN GULF AND MIDDLE EAST networking with: Hospital Social Workers, Discharge Planners, Home Health, Assisted Living, Doctors & Nurses, State & County Human Services, Long Term Care Facilities.

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    Airway management

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Airway Devices. A range of airway management devices, including a comprehensive choice of supraglottic airways, from the innovative i-gel® to laryngeal mask options, endrotracheal tubes, plus sterile and unsterile Guedel airways.

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We offer a wide range of accessories and consumables that are compatible with most of the anesthesia machines.

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    Critical Care

Critical Care

Medi + Can offer a comprehensive range of critical care products sourced from our exclusive agencies. We are constantly introducing new products to our clients.

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    Oxygen and Aerosol Therapy

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A wide range of disposable oxygen and aerosol masks feature smooth, feathered edges that enhance patient comfort while reducing irritation. Designed for anatomical compatibility, they fit patients of any size.

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    Home Care

General Treatment

A range of breathing systems and accessories for a wide range of home care ventilators, patient interfaces for obstructive sleep apnoea, and products for oxygen, aerosol and nebulisation therapy in the home